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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for July, 2010

Comfortably Numb

Sir Roger happened to catch Pink Floyd on his mobile-wireless-machine-that-plugs-directly-into-the-ears and was shaken by of the final verse. So here it is:

Latest Election Betting

f you extrapolated from the last few days there’s obviously something nasty lurking in Julia’s woodshed. It’s probably time for Labor to take this election on

Wicked Leaks – The Daily Show

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show on the latest WikiLeaks exploit

Election Market 28 July

Note the narrowing in the last day or so with the Gillard leak …

Premature Emasculation

Jon Stewart at his outraged and outrageous best in this must-watch report:

Betfair’s Election Market and Probability

Here’s the recent betting at Betfair. A clear if brief improvement for the Coalition on or about Sunday evening but not reflected in the Labor Party’s odds.

Worm Announces ‘Action Contract’

Sir Roger was watching the amazingly fabulous Great Leaders’ Debate with the Channel 7 worm. Here are his first impressions.

Betting on a Two Whores Race

Sir Roger has chained his statisticians to the desk and they are hard at work deciphering the latest betting markets on the outcome of the Australian election

Win US$2000

“The right to freely express oneself is vital. Tell the world why.” To win US$2000 just create a short video about the importance of free expression.”

Monetizing Innovative E-business

Sir Roger has been analysing the push for optimizing next-generation communities, incentivizing transparent metrics and innovating synergistic partnerships.

Jennifer Aniston Adopts African Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33-year-old African man.

Roger Dreaming

This is for you, ET. Yes, you know who you are.

ABC News 24 Verdict

Sir Roger would like to have a look at the resumes of the pissweak wannabes who are currently training ABC presenters on “How To Do TV”

… the Liars and the Other Liars …

Sucking the grease of a plump pheasant from his fingers Sir Roger ejaculated “Did he bury the bloody thing before cremating it or cremate it before burying it?”

For Dr Who Fans Suffering Withdrawal

Spike Milligan: For Dr Who Fans Suffering Withdrawal PLUS Kilt Chimes … BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE … Your Sunday prayer

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