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Archive for February, 2010

Sir Roger in Love With More Beautiful Women

Sir Roger is maxed out for superlatives after Barbara Bonney (and the amazing Kathleen Kim’s Olympia) but here are two sopranos worth listening to

the bastard love child

Sir Roger has belatedly discovered a Lieder soprano of exceptional brilliance. Barbara Bonney’s voice is simply exquisite. Here’s “Mondnacht” from Liederkreis

40% Free!

Buy 60% of a fiction book at Borders and you get the other 40& free!
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Teach a Man to Mr Fish

Mr Fish is no longer penning for the LA Weekly. He is now branching out on his own. His link has been updated in one’s blogroll for ease of access.

Shock Discovery: How Sir Roger Learnt the Facts of Life

Imagine Sir Roger’s astonishment to discover that his father had recorded the chat about the facts of life on a primitive, hidden recording device!

Classic Pete & Dud – Art Gallery

We were looking for something else when we came across this. Too good to keep to oneself. The first Pete and Dud Sir Roger ever heard:

Crabby Old Fart Dispenses More Wisdom

God Damned Young People view life as a contest to see who can acquire the most stuff in the shortest time and die sitting atop the largest pile of useless crap

Tiger Woods Returns to Sex – The Onion

“Woods said during his time away from sex, he couldn’t stop thinking about resuming his daily regimen of sex with women who look like his wife, only skankier.”

Want a Quickie?

We were just trawling, interested to see whether Malcolm Turnbull had dropped another bucket on Mad Tony and we found this:

30% Off a Full-Priced Book at Borders

Here’s something you might find useful. A discount on full-priced books from Borders.

Christopher Maloney is a Quack

Naturopath Christopher Maloney is a cowardly quack. Also dangerous.

Shermer on TED; Cleese on the Brain

Academic Michael Shermer makes fun of a lot of bad rubbish, bogus ideas and plain dumb thinking. John Cleese makes fun of academics.

FFS! [Oh for Goodness’ Sake…]

Cherie Blair, wife of the notorious war criminal, suspended the sentence of a man who broke another man’s jaw in a bank queue, because he is “religious”.

P. Z. Myers Downunder

P.Z. Myers has revealed his itinerary for his trip to Australia, where he’ll speak at the Atheist Convention, Melbourne, and visit some notorious Canberrans.

Tony Abbott – Guilty of ‘Logical Manslaughter’

Tony Abbott wants Peter Garrett to be charged with “Industrial Manslaughter”. But has he always felt so strongly about the appropriateness of this concept?

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