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Archive for January, 2010

Fusion Power – Getting Close to Reality?

They used to say that fusion energy was always “30 years away”. Now there seems to have been a breakthrough that may bring that future date much closer.

Australia to Win 2010 America’s Cup?

What has Astraya got to do with the 2010 America’s Cup challenge? A lot! Australian technology and Australian pilots could mean the difference in the outcome.

Earthquake Reveals Previously Unknown Civilization Called ‘Haiti’!

Less than two weeks after converging upon the site of a devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake, American anthropologists have confirmed the discovery of a small, poverty-stricken island nation, known to its inhabitants as “Haiti.”

Holy Uh-oh!

117 Russians in Hospital After Drinking Holy Water

Oi! Oi! Oi! It’s Jingo Day!

How exciting is it! The fourth anniversary (of the famous Strayan Cultural Respect Seminar first held at Cronulla Beach, a famous sewer near Sydney! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Stephen Fry

I have no quarrel with individuals who have faith. But damned if I’m going to have the battles won by the Enlightenment abdicated by a new Dark Ages.

How You Can Help Haiti

If you want to make a donation for Haitians and are a non-believer the Richard Dawkins Foundation has set up a facility to donate to non-religious relief organizations.

I Can Haz Box Cat?

Hilarious cat who loves boxes

Mr Deity, the Chaser, Abraham and Isaac

…how god came up with beer and boobs… if the Bible is literally true… just a test from a bored god…

Covenant With God Up For Renewal

The Jews’ covenant with god is up for renewal, says Doyle Redland, Onion Radio News

Climate Crock

James A. Fitzpatrick on Copenhagen in 1937 and “the manners and customs of a people who have contributed much to the stability and progress of the white race”

What Makes Life Perfect

Something perfect and so pure that the hair rises on the back of your neck and tears come to your eyes. Kathleen Kim as Olympia in The Met’s “Tales of Hoffman”

News at Ton

Horo is tho Nows Road By Ronnio Barkor

Slut Spill

Oops! California TV studio’s reality-show bus crashes causing major Slut Spill. The Onion does it again.

Bertrand Russell & The Life of Brian

The situation in Palestine now inexorably drives and inflames global politics. 9/11, Afghanistan, the rise of islamic fundamentalism all feed from this one trough. Not any amount of cosmetic or diplomatic pretense, no “negotiated compromise”, no artificial “roadmap to peace” will make any difference at all.

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