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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for December, 2009

Decline of Right-Handed Masturbation

there has probably been far more semen spilt by left-hands over online images of Paris Hilton than right-handedly over glossy photos of Marilyn Monroe

Critical Thinking

We don’t claim to be paragons of critical thinking but we value the ideal and whatever ability we have in this area and we’re willing to engage in the struggle

Happy ChriFSMas

Happy Christmas, or Xmas, or Saturnalia, or Mithraismas, or Festival of Sol Invictus, or whatever dodgy god-bothering suits your fancy…

Discworld’s Pratchett on Jehovah

Discworld’s Terry Pratchett explains his cosmology – or to put it another way, why he doesn’t believe in “god”. Plus “Sumerians confused as god creates world”

and these signs shall follow them that believe…

  This is perfect! Who says there is no way to prove whether god exists? We have just run across the Authorised Test delivered in person by god himself, in his miraculous, disembodied manifestation as the risen christ when, according to Matthew 16: “he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat” and said […]


So what’s next? A series of essays by Sarah Palin about the Large Hadron Collider and the mysteries of dark matter? An MIT lecture series by Rush Limbaugh regarding the thermodynamics of black holes?

The Known Universe

The Known Universe in scientific detail in 6 minutes. Strap yourself in.

Castaway – Missing Final Scene Discovered

Here’s the real ending to Tom Hanks’ Castaway you longed for, with a heartwarming message for us all

YES!!! The Reality of Copenhagen

  Don’t you just want to jump up and down and high-five anyone nearby when someone manages to just show you the simplest picture that says in moments, succinctly, exactly what would have taken you (and in our case did) hundreds of so-significant words and not done it nearly so clearly even then? Here it […]

The Ascent of Man & Descent of the DLP

There is no point in attempting to support your theories with quotations, chapter and verse, from a vaguely anthropologically interesting, self-contradicting, xenophobic, hate-inciting, ignorance-insisting, genocide-approving, terror-inducing, fantastical artefact of an ancient Sand People,

Happy Octopodmas

It’s funny the things that get Australia on the map. Octopodes moving house with coconut shells.

Uganda – Tony Abbott’s New Mentors?

If he were Prime Minister Tony Abbott might be excited to import this into Australian law. It’s based on the Bible and Catholic dogma, so it must be righteous?

Harlan Ellison on God

Harlan Ellison on religion: Ellison is a Sci-Fi writer with a boxfull of credits. He’s proof not every Sci-Fi writer is a religious nutcake like Elron Hubbard.

DLP Pulls ‘Intelligent Design’ Gambit

The DLP, surprised at its catholic image, insists the NEW party is not catholic and yet hugs catholic values. Sir Roger gently tries to help them understand.

Obama – ‘In order to save the village…’

Can’t decide whether the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will now feel sorry for their choice of Obama, or vindicated by his speech.

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