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Archive for August, 2009

The Biology of Religion

Illustration of the biology of religion through a primitive animal called the “sea squirt.” PLUS the gospel according to Saint Rowan, the Atkinson

Rights of Man

John Howard is against a Bill of Rights and that’s enough for us. The little shit has always been so wrong that anything he is against is certain to be right

Peter Garrett’s Full Political Career

Peter Garrett’s political career – then: cardboard cutout; now: blancmange

Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

America – cracked, crazed, deranged, insane, maniacal, out of their minds, psycho, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped and whacko: truer today than ever.

Pavarotti – O Sole Mio

Sir Roger has endured one of those dreadful fashion shoots to placate his fanbase (check the pictures) PLUS: Pavarotti sings O Solo Mio with Darren Hayes

The Whoredom of Philip Ruddock

a cold and heartless bastard in whose presence blood congeals, water freezes, flowers wither and die; a wraith who sucks the breath out of the mouths of babies

New Shampoo For Masturbating Boyfriend In Shower

From Onion News Network: New Shampoo For Masturbating Boyfriend In Shower, White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Advocacy Group Decries PETA’s Inhumane Treatment Of Women

Billion Dollar Graphics

What does billions or trillions of dollars buy? How does the cost of feeding every child on earth compare to the Iraq War? See it more clearly than ever!

Google Roommate: Scary but True!

What would it be like if Google moved into your house? The shock horror truth is…he already has!

Burma Railroaded : .mp3 version

Sir Roger has gathered an enormous, highly professional cast to enact his latest post – “Burma Railroaded”- for the ears of his loyal audience.

Google’s Privacy Option and the Universe

Head food: Science the way you like it. How come the universe is so smooth and uniform? Is it because… Plus, Google’s new plan to allow people to opt out

Burma Railroaded

This stylised footstamping over Burma’s treatment of Suu Kyi by international dandies playing an archaic game by pre-Enlightenment rules makes us sick.

No Bill Clinton

to balance the excitement over Clinton’s latest escapade, xkcd has poked its hidden cameras into our life to discover “the world’s most UNinteresting man”.

Global Warming – How Not To Handle It

What Joe Public thinks about carbon pollution reduction schemes is, “Just FIX it, okay. It’s all too complicated for me and I’ve other things to worry about.”

Most Interesting Man in the World!

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show welcomes back ‘the most interesting man in the world’, the Big Man, Bill Clinton, fresh from his Korean triumph. Fox doesn’t like it.

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