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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for June, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, death and the media

Ah, Take a Shower Ya Mugs

half the Australian voting population believes that Malcolm Turnbull was dishonest or somewhat deceitful over his wonderfully theatrical Utegate pantomime

Blogging Hell

And now a dreadfully strange, newfangled dashboard, strangely-coloured, with pieces missing, oddly-organised and strangely-shaped confronts him …

Don’t Mention Kent State!

A righteous President taking the high moral ground would never avoid (for fear of the obvious hypocrisy) mentioning any strikingly similar event that might have happened in his own country, would he?

Beware! Microsoft Outlook Scam

The email is bogus and if you click on it no good will come of it and it will all end in tears.

Child Witches

If you didn’t see it yet, suck in your breath and be strong and watch this week’s Four Corners on repeat or on iView. It is a Channel 4 Discovery program called “Saving Africa’s Witch Children”. It is hard to take. Christian pastors in Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, of the ultra-loony Pentecostalist variety, are […]

Kev’s Package Rears Its Ugly Head

  I did not have Stimulus Package relations with that car dealer ….     [tags]Rudd, Kevin Rudd, stimulus, stimulus package, politics, federal politics, Australian politics, government, economy, recession, car dealership, car dealer, Senate, inquiry, senate inquiry, scandal [/tags]

Costello and Iran

if you have to kill people to force them to agree with you, then you are doing something very wrong

Internet Addiction

But if you unplug everything, it gets so quiet you hear that high-pitched empty-room hum. And then the whispers begin

Australian Values – Have They Really Changed?

We certainly think that the “subservience to authority, the belief that ‘important people… blokes in an official capacity’ deserve a little bit of respect’ ” is more alive and more hearty than ever and that this is probably the most dangerous characteristic of middle Australian culture for a healthy democracy.

Swine Flu Shock!

Authorities have admitted a terrible mistake over the “Swine Flu” pandemic. Experts now admit that there was an error in translation followed by an unfortunate spellchecking incident. The dreadful Flu was not “Swine Flu” but “Swan Flu” and originated on the Rhine when a chap called Lohengrin had an unnatural assignation with a swan. It […]


“What happens within China and the behaviour of China on a global scale will co-determine the fate of democracy.”
Clearly it is in all of our best interests to encourage China towards a form of democracy that coincides as best it can with what we understand to be the basic values of democracy.

Terminator Salvation

Japanese fans at the premiere of Terminator Salvation

Why Field Marshal Faulkner?

why has it taken Rudd so very long to appoint Faulkner?

Six Four

The most famous image of the Tiananmen Square incident is the single, utterly vulnerable student standing in front of a tank. But the lasting legacy of the protest and its brutal end is the palpable shame of the Chinese Communist Party. Only the deepest shame can explain the attempt to utterly hide any mention of […]

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