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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for May, 2009

Just quickly for Thursday

It’s not the planet that needs saving …

You Can’t Say ‘God Does Not Exist’

Bertrand Russell recognised this problem and devised a solution; a clunky one, admittedly. His example was a replacement for the sentence, ‘The Golden Mountain does not exist’

Sudoku Cheater

we have a feeling that many of our visitors, because they’re a touch more intelligent, enjoy the challenge of an occasional game of Sudoku

That’s What Dick Said

“Yes, I was the Torture Master and I think it was good. Torture is good, and hey, let’s forget about all those “high ideals” that America used to wrap around itself. It was all pretend and you know it.

From the Office of the Vice President

1. the suggestion was to use waterboarding; 2. it came from the Vice President’s office; 3. the purpose was to find a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq.

Ah, Well, Bogans will be Bogans I S’pose

Ah, well, torturers will be torturers, rapists will be rapists, footballers will be footballers, politicians will be politicians and ignorant, stupid women will be ignorant, stupid women

Barack Obama? No. He. Can’t!

It was, inevitably, never a question of if but of when Barack Obama would buckle and capitulate to the power machinery of the Washington political and military establishments. Sadly, the answer is a shockingly short time.

Lyre, Lyre

Amazing. No other bird like this in the world. From David Attenborough’s Life of Birds

Onward Christian Soldiers

Mad. They’ve gone mad. Quite mad.

Pizza and a Gang Bang

I might agree that such activity is depraved; I probably do, but let me make up my own mind. Just tell me what occurred. Arguments might be made that the sexual behaviour that Matthew Johns and his mates are reported to have got up to is not depraved but natural human behaviour.

Explosive News! Fart For Your Heart!

Dutch ovens aren’t appalling behaviour after all – they’re good for you

Daily Show & Colbert Report

Couple of quick videos you will love


Keelty in our view was a bad man, morally weak, a disastrous Commissioner who willingly ran over the basics of human rights and legal traditions like habeas corpus in order to pursue a flawed and misguided agenda.

Shock! Horror! By Jingo Journalism!

Laws, a reasonable person might think, was intentionally duping his audience, using their laziness and stupidity and his influence over them to make money for himself and his million-dollar clients

Matthew Johns – Sex Romp or Sex Scandal?

…It seems there is a pattern amongst many people, particularly footballers, who do whatever they like, knowing that all you need to do is effect a display of contrition and remorse and everyone will forgive you or at least get over it soon enough.

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