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Archive for February, 2009

Shut the Fuck Up!

….smoke and fucking mirrors horseshit when the twerp Rudd and the “no brain only parroted talking points” Gillard and Dingly-Dangly “don’t hurt me”….

Supermarket Pron?

“Food pron” reminds us of this classic scene …

free sudoku gift

sudoku puzzle that updates daily. You can do three in one day, at different difficulty levels.

awake, committed, engaged…

Wonder what that feels like… For your consideration: Our work is helping to build the movement of awake, committed, engaged people, an invitation we extend to everyone.

Design, Discovery, Humour

Sit back and enjoy another inspiring TED presentation with designer David Carson.

Stick This! (on your blog)

“Grampa/ma tell us again about the olden days when you were one of the great Web Warriors who saved the Internet!”

Oh! TED! Stop! Don’t Stop!

Here are two brand new videos from the extraordinary Ted Talks that you just want to watch.

Never Say Die

We were all hyped, elevated heart-rate and blood pressure, steeling ourselves for the confrontation, ready to let fly with our rant. That’s when we met Sam.

I Ain’t Never Seen Nuthin’ Like It!

Adam Voges catches Brendan McCullum in tonight’s 20-20 which Australia won by just one run.

The “S”-Word

We particularly like the bit where he describes Jeremy Clarkson as “a man who would eat his own testicles rather than petition for an apology, even though he’d have to remove them from his own personal brain where they’ve been living for all these years”.

Mind Baubles

brilliantly savage satire on the “reactionary, sensationalist, misinformed, under researched, often xenophobic” anger-inciting intolerance of “news”papers such as, I don’t know, say, the UK’s Daily Mail and others of its kind.

Ooh! You Are Awful! (and I Don’t Like You…)

The interviewees were trying to explain that recovery from the breadth and abyssal depth of the recession America has entered will require a complete reconstruction of the US financial system and the interviewers were asking for stock tips. If America can’t do better than that there will be no recovery.

Roger’s Dromedary Days

Sir Roger is excited to have stumbled across this photograph of extraordinary contrasts from the earlier days of last century.

It was hot

perhaps the most iconic example of what “Australian Values” really means

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