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Archive for October, 2008

The Rewards of Ignorance

It’s not religion that makes you stupid; it’s believing it’s true that does that.

Hey, Micky! You So Farn!

This interview of Michael Moore by CNN’s Larry King is great (except for Larry King). Watch it for his skewering analysis of Palin. Enjoy his demolition of the claim that he is “controversial”. See the Republicans squirm…

This Just In

Cindy McCain claims she is just like any other female human…

Right Where We Want ‘Em!

one of the series of liars who covered for Bush during some of the worst times

Bush endorses McCain – McCain Furious!

Palin, maverick that she is, disdains those “eeleet” sciencey nerds who waste people’s money on laughable experiments on itty-bitty …

Beautiful Dumb Women are Still Dumb

Bernie Sanders puts it so well. Noam Chomsky just tells the truth. Sarah Palin doesn’t get it…still

Hot Pro-American Babes

Real, pro-Americans – the McCain campaign seems to be saying – are narrow-minded, short-sighted, greedy, religiously-deluded, unintelligent …..

Obama Palling Around With an Accessory to Murder

Will Obama repudiate this endorsement from a man who apparently lied to the United Nations Security Council?

Tina Palin Meets Sarah Fey

here is the Saturday Night Live episode when Sarah Palin turned up, met Tina Fey and … didn’t answer any questions …

McCain Wins Profanity Award in HBO Debate

…when he’s being the real McCain he’s actually quite engaging and personable. But..

That Clever Intrade Thingy live right here

Here is the electoral map widget with automatic live updates

Larf? I Near Wet Meself!

And here is what John Cleese thinks of Sarah Palin


Apparently there’s this baby who goes around murdering muslims and who wants to be President…

Now LOOK ….


Does Bill Kristol Read Values Australia?

Flabbergasted! That’s what we were! Imagine our surprise when we read this…

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