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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for September, 2008

YouTube Virus

yet another brilliant idea from xkcd

Pedants r Us

What on earth is going on? Is it all over, after all? Have the barbarians claimed victory? First: Sir Roger listens to ABC Radio A LOT. One evening, or early morning, he was listening to an interview with an author by a respected ABC presenter. Now, you would think that a bookish person might be […]

All Clear

If you ever wanted to understand the sub-prime crisis and how it has led to this week’s events, this is the best, clearest, funniest explanation you could possibly have.

Save Our Shitty Jobs

If only Brendan had thought of this before he thought of the ambush.

You gotta listen to this

Got to Run. No time to chat. But you gotta listen to this. McCain’s VoiceMail to Palin.     [tags]humour, humor, comedy, audio, Michael Weingartner,23/6, Lee CampSandra Palin, Sarah Palin voicemail, Palin voivemail, McCain voicemail, Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor, Sara Palin, Sarah Palin pictures, Governor of Alaska, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska Gov Sarah Palin, […]

New Bill Maher Rules

Bill Maher interviews former Clinton adviser Paul Begala about Obama’s strategy and chances. Funny.

New US Economic Shock – Onion News

Anti-Bush t-shirts/collateral market to slump from November – economists warn flow-on effect will affect whole economy


You may as well sacrifice virgins on every full moon, Christopher, and claim that THIS was the reason we had “managed to avoid” terrorist attacks. The truth is that we are lucky that the government you were a part of FAILED TO CAUSE terrorist attacks on Australia because of its butt-kissing support of Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Conventional Jottings

Double Take Small Mind Values Moment of Zen Bill Maher [flv: 343 199] Some local background on Palin A debate on the Palin Speech P.S. Why concentrate on this woman? Because she is so very, very dangerous. Yes, she really only serves to shore up the heartland vote and perhaps she could help to “get […]

Can You Moose-Hunt?

And Gard made the beast of the earth after his karnd, and cattle after they-ar karnd, and everthang that creepeth uparn the earth after his karnd. Um…And the Moose: and Gard saw that it was…mmmm!…gerd!

Breaking News from The Ønion

Startling News Just In! While Dick Cheney prepares to celebrate his favourite holiday, 9/11, with lavish gift-giving in honour of the gifts it brought him, reports Onion News, a stunning revelation about the decision to invade Iraq and bomb the shit out of it and all of its inhabitants has just been made public: The […]

As We Were Saying…

    [tags]politics, government, American politics, election, presidential election, presiential campaign, President, Vice President, Vice-President, Republican, Palin, McCain, Bristol, Mr Fish, LA Weekly, values, morals, choices, ethics, standards, principles, family values, Republican values, sex, birth, humor, humour, cartoon[/tags]

Palin’s Incredible Journey

George Bush himself is extremely happy with McCain’s choice because if McCain were to fall over and Palin assumed the Presidency that would make George only the SECOND most unintelligent President in American history.

Protest: the third way from xkcd

    [tags]the end is nigh, xkcd, humour, humor, cartoon, protest, values, politics[/tags]      

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