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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for July, 2008


balderdash broken up by watch and underpant ads

Keelty Must Go At Last

There is no no doubt at all, if there ever was any, that the Haneef affair was Howard’s last ditch attempt at a Tampa Overboard for the 2007 election, aided and abetted by his lapdog, AFP Commissioner Keelty and the joke Kevin Andrews.

So What if it’s Torture, You Pussies!

they wanted to interrogate people in completely brutal ways. And they wanted to avoid being accused of war crimes.

International Blogpost of the Week

how can you tell someone is a crap dominatrix?

Goodbye and Thanks for all the Pausch

It will be impossible for you ever to feel the same about life, your own or anyone’s, after watching Randy’s lecture

God – Boiled and Fried

For a start, virgins on toast are worth $28,000 on eBay if you’re stupid, and that’s a miracle in itself.

The Ønion: What Can We Say?

Domino’s Scientists Test Limits Of What Humans Will Eat

Wilful Ignorance

In Antarctica the big news is the runaway collapse of the enormous [tag]Wilkins Ice Shelf[/tag]. The collapse itself isn’t the big news. The Big News is that it is collapsing – as you read this – in the middle of [tag]winter[/tag].

Humanity’s Footprints

Seen from space, cities at night “present the space observer spectacular evidence of our existence, our distribution, and our ability to change our environment.”

The Things They Don’t Tell You

Filed under: Blogging You know how you can spend years wishing there was a solution to a really frustrating problem and in your despair you devise a workaround that takes half a boring hour of wasted time to do? And you know how then years later you discover there was a button you could press […]

Dylan says…

You will notice that the kind of people who turn to Jesus tend to be…

The Pope Down Under

the Vatican’s condemnation of the condom is on the short list of the cruellest, most appalling pieces of public policy in human history.


…Even more importantly how can, and how dare, the Iemma mafia subcontract to some special-interest, self-interested, self-appointed, unrepresentative and unelected authority the power to curtail the freedom of speech of the sovereign citizens of the State?

The Word of ‘God’?

But how do christians become christians? We asked honorary Aussie, Dave Allen

Welcome and Holy Greetings!!

with our exceptional network of contacts we have been able to arrange a Special Offer. Cut out this card and send us $100 and, as sure as Eve was made of Adam’s rib, your prayers will be answered.

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