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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for May, 2008

New Jim Henson Photograph Uncovered

This newly-unearthed photograph by Muppets creator, Jim Henson, has been slammed by animal rights campaigner, “Hottie” Jensen, as exploitative, obscene, guaranteed to encourage and incite bestiality, and likely to cause the disintegration of civilisation as we know it.

Told You….

How did the White House justify the invasion of Iraq? “Propaganda”, “shading the truth”, “innuendo”, “implication”, “intentional ignoring of intelligence to the contrary”


Will rising food prices force you to the indignity of abandoning you your plans for the second plasma TV in the upstairs rumpus room?

The Great Derangement

Eight months ago we asked our readers to tell me that [tag]America[/tag] isn’t completely barmy, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, crazy, demented, deranged, dippy, flipped out, fruity, haywire, insane, loony, lunatic, mad, maniacal, manic, mental, nuts, nutty, out of their minds, potty, psycho, screw loose, screwy, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped and whacko. But we […]

Police Art Appreciation

But how ever does the Council imagine the police are the arbiters of the artisitc merits of the works, or of their legality?

Just the Right Grunt Stuff …

Or perhaps it is the idea that killing 19 unarmed civilians and wounding 50 others in a lethal rampage along a six-mile stretch of road, during which time they were not being attacked, is thought by the American military to be “appropriate”

LOL Jungular Beest

      [tags]lol, lolcat, icanhascheezburger, wild, wild cats, jungle, beast, funny, humor, humour, joke[/tags]    

Cluster(Bomb) Fuck

…aren’t we supposed to be the good guys? Are we really as awful, ruthless and inhumane as the Russians, Israelis, Americans, Egyptians, Iranians, even Iraqis; Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and many more…

To infinity and beyond …

because he took a personal interest and, in the face of the facts, the immorality and the illegality, used his company to prozelytise the war, Rupert Murdoch, more than anyone other individual is personally responsible for the price of oil rising today to $134 a barrel…

New ACT Law is Gay!

“with this cockring…”

Australia, the Movie

Viewing these trailers, we formed the impression that Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, Australia, seemed just a tad…”derivative”…

The Real McCain

Is it possible the American people could vote for this man? Why not? Many of them voted for George W. Bush…

Bill O’Reilly Flip-Out Dance Mix

If you have seen the amazing footage of Bill O’Reilly losing it (20 years ago) then now you want to see this

Dulce et decorum est (not)

I throw myself at your mercy, dearest and most appreciated blog-lurker. Please, if you know, tell me…

Because it’s Sunday

George Bush talks to ceiling cat

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