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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for April, 2008

Godsticks & Shame-caves

Why is torture not a cruel and unusual punishment? The answer may surprise you. Then again, it might not.

Nailed It!

Apparently the last time he conducted, the 1812 Overture had to be renamed the 1912 Overture and he made such a shambles of it, he had the French winning after all…

‘Purveyor of Blue-Chip Filth’

it was on account of the schemozzle over which he presided that – to his great delight and pride – Humphrey was once described in the British press as the “purveyor of blue-chip filth to Middle England”

You So Fine!

a dollar in a death spiral, massive national debt, oil at $120 a barrel, chaos and massive death in Iraq, a USA that is a laughing stock of the international community and whose moral stocks are at their lowest in living memory

Astonishing New Roommate Research PLUS Eat Your Heart Out, Tropfest!

Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

Is religion a threat?

people are revered for their capacity to make the major decisions of their lives by consulting voices in their heads



Olympic Riot Relay – Canberra 23-4 April 2008

Free Tibet

Iraq Has Not Gone Away Just Because We Weren’t Looking

Iraq is still doggedly, boringly, inexorably there and still seamlessly corrupt, desperately violent and tragically broken.

LOL! Comments!

we’ve found some new rules in this Internet Commenter Retirement Party video

Exciting New Olympic Relay Plans!

More recently, however, exciting plans propose dispensing with the torch altogether.

$117 a Barrel

Rupert Murdoch’s dream of cheap petrol may have to wait just a little longer before becoming a reality.

Why These 2020 People?

What really are their credentials other than they are successful at pretending? Particularly when, in our own opinion, Blanchett, while attractive to many in an unconventional kind of way, is only a mediocre actor…

We Love Alan Shore

We ♥ Boston Legal‘s Alan Shore. Boston T (for ‘Treason’) PartyHere he is making the case against Bush’s playful adventure in Iraq… El Wrong Hubbard … and against the intellectual abomination, Scientology, the Sci-Fi fantasy of L. Ron (“if a man really wanted to make a million dollars he’d start his own religion”) Hubbard. How […]

Dick Joke

Ha ha! We haven’t laughed so much since Hitler joked about …

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