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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for February, 2008

Head&Shoulders Redux

Nevertheless, we hope that he signs up for the free trial at, if he can afford it, and reads today’s special Crikey investigation

Sort of Dunno Nothin’

if you are the parent or guardian of a teenaged boy you will be weeping with recognition

A New Meaning to ‘Butthead’

And the best thing is, when I fart

Easy Economics

If you always wished you understood just a little more about economics but thought it was too hard and too dry, then this will knock your socks off

How very, very true!

… why ValuesAustralia gets so little sleep …

The Old Tart Vanishes

The heavier than lead, harder than granite monument of Speer-like dimensions to power, greed and fear, that was the Howard government has evaporated without leaving any trace but the faint and fading echoes of a few frightened rodents as they scuttle away from responsibility.


The removal of aboriginal children was part of a eugenic strategy to fade out the aboriginal race – slowburn genocide, if you like.


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney’s “suspended” Presidential Campaign

How Sleazy Does It Have To Get? Really.

Exciting news of the quality, leadership and class of the Bush administration

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