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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for September, 2007

A Picture of Total Greed

When you look at an area that’s been clearfelled, what you see, as you know, is total devastation. What you see when you see clearfell is a picture of total greed

Paris Hilton’s Tantrum

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome … the lovely Paris Hilton

Powell – “I Tried..a Bit…”

there he is, acting like a celebrity, looking and sounding so comfortable and so confident and so well-paid for the crimes against humanity which he aided and abetted.

Freedom of Speech and APEC

Do Australians have freedom of speech?

Breaking News from ØNN

Gap Between Rich and Super-Rich Growing

The Childrens

The childrens does learn!

Dogwhistle Politics

Dr Hamilton said words and phrases commonly used in ‘dog whistling’ included “Australian values”, “the thought police”, “the black armband view of history”, “practical reconciliation”, “border protection” and “be alert, but not alarmed”.

The Harsh Steps Necessary

I can think of no better way to work toward freedom than to strategize with leaders from around the world who are willing to take the harsh steps necessary to spread liberty.

Roll up! Roll up! The Circus is in Town!

Watch HeeHaw Howard being punished for dragging out the election date and spraying the crowd with government advertising.

Let The Children Pay

See and hear just how deeply and sincerely George Bush truly cares for the welfare of children

Stop It! Stop It I Say! – Love Dad

…the repressed [tag]sexuality[/tag] of these christians is spilling out all over the place…

Cost of War

The only way he can possibly think that Iraq can boost America’s security is if he is in favour of exterminating everyone who does, or could possibly, feel negatively towards the US. Every last Muslim, for example. Every last liberal/progressive. The final solution.


Bill Maher on Religious Tests and other New Rules as well as George Bush, General Petraeus, General Betray Us, Democrat wimpery, Phil Spector trial by jury, stupid spam email subjects, the need for Presidential lips, Angelina Jolie lips, Judgement Day, Space Daddies, spiritually-blessed underwear, scientology, rationalists and Santa Claus, courtesy of HBO’s Real Time with […]

Urgent Trojan Alert

There is an email going around with the subject line Microsoft Security Update. It is nothing of the kind!

BlackWater – Kill For Free

Imagine a universe where a man can gun down women and children anytime he pleases, knowing he will never be brought to justice. Well, that universe exists today. It is called Iraq.

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