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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for July, 2007

Gunns ‘n’ Apples

…Are you interested in being a Premier, Brian? You’ll need a suit and tie…a fax machine. You’re going to need a fax machine….well, they’re going to need to get in contact with you, aren’t they, the people who need the laws passed…

Richard Flanagan Nails It

I feel we lost some generosity of spirit over these years, we lost a capacity for empathy, we lost the ability to recognise that in the suffering of one might be the future suffering of us all and some diminishment of our own humanity and we had that up till about a decade ago and then it went…

Should We tell Africa the Truth?

Should we tell Africa about the global economy?

11 Iraqis Not Killed Sunday

Miilitias apparently felt that the 50 or so killed by car bombs to celebrate the Iraqi team winning the semi-final were enough to be going on with for now

Review of recent DIC Waving

“We can use the visa as a whole-of-government instrument to contribute to broader government policy objectives…”

My Precious

You can’t trust those heathen blackfellas to understand basic concepts like “over-reaction”. They’re all terrorists, anyway – look at that bloke Gandhi.

How About Pre-emptive Rapture?

Watch as “Christians” cheer wildly at the suggestion of slaughtering the heathen

Haneef “Not Uninnocent” – DPP

I am not unconstrained by the requirement to utilise linguistic circumlocutions characterised by the passive voice, double negatives, arcane concepts and elaborately constructed sentences

Afraid Not

the legitimate role of our counter-terrorism system is being undermined by the blurring of the lines between politics, justice and national security.

IANAL (but)

I am Not an Expert, or a Lawyer or Anything, really – none of us are.

Gonzo Legalism

Gonzales is hurtling headlong into a Presidential Pardon

Just Checking our MASSIVE STUFF-UP

It can’t be overstated, really, that the cancellation of Haneef’s visa was a guilty verdict before any evidence had been tested at all

For the Record

“Labor will continue to monitor developments in this case very closely, to ensure as far as we can in Opposition, that due process is followed.” … Damn, it’s like eating air, isn’t it? …

Blackle is the New Google

Blackle – we suppose it’s okay that there’s a “good” reason to justify it – like saving the planet or whatever

DIC to the Rescue!

safety and security are far more important than your personal sense of entitlement to such things as freedom, liberty and other so-called “rights”

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