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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for March, 2007

Dear ‘DIC’

In the heat of the 2006 Spring Offensive over Australian values Values Australia was born in response to the cynical and ignorant way real Australian values were being abused by politicians and the sycophantic, rightwing media echo chamber. It was a hard slog but slowly and surely the numbers began to rise and Values Australia […]

Webhosts from hell

After all that hard work… If you were looking for a post about the threats made on Values Australia by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship…well, it’s vanished into thin air, along with all the comments. Actually, it vanished in a “chassis swap” of the server (without notice). “Everything went well” they said. Except we […]

Thank You For Listening and Fuck You

Thank you for listening and fuck you

New Rulez

Please can we have our country back?

Bush gets an ‘F’ from Brzezinski

we have had a policy lately that has been dividing our friends and uniting our enemies

Export Quality Liberty

God talks to our leader!..John Howard?…No, George Bush!


The elite is the jumped up peasantwy twying to claw their way to the top over those chosen by god to wule over the unwuly, beastly masses

‘Support The Troops’

Henderson and Kelly struggled heroically to explain what a terrible time the supposedly appalling Rudd was having, or surely was about to have, or that they wished he would have, despite his record polling figures

It’s Rocket Science!

I may not know a rugby hoop from a cricket stick but I know my shed like the head of my hammer.

A Visionary President …

‘This is without question the most dangerous administration we’ve ever had in the history of the country’

‘Still Sitting, Smirking, on the Front Bench’

“Although the government’s actions have been hypocritical, they come as no surprise as we are well used to such flaunted hypocrisy.”

Beds Are Burning

I have a dream

Mistaken for Bucket of Vomit!

Overseas Affairs Minister, Robin “Boy” Wonder, was today mistaken for a bucket of vomit while explaining his government’s policy on David Hicks’s proposed “trial”

Weekend Reading

New figures show dramatic rise in terror attacks worldwide since the invasion of Iraq

Which is the REAL Dick?

Which is the real dick?

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