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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for February, 2007

Laura Bush Gives George One a Day

If Sydney or Melbourne only had one bombing a day that killed upwards of 30 people…that wouldn’t be so bad, just discouraging

The Dick Unplugged

one of the most significant statements the Dick made on his Dick-stroking journey down under

Howard Calls Cheney a Liar

if Mr Cheney said otherwise than what he believes, that is the definition of lying.

Guantánamo Career Suicide

This is a government of laws, and not men – the unchecked power of even the President is not part of democracy or our system of justice

Little Britain Lives!

a sleezy peepshow through the moth-eaten curtains of our cultural pretensions

Hooda Thunkit?

I often ask Christian audiences – ‘Did Kangaroos once live in the Middle East?’

Did Dick? Dick Did!

Dick walked into the bedroom last night. His wife ripped off all her clothes, threw herself on the bed and said: “Do what you want.”

We Call It Democracy, Dick

Don’t think of it as a retreat, Dick. Think of it as a Baker-Hamilton-style “phased withdrawal”

UK’s ‘Morale Muscular’ Withdrawal

whatever the motives of those who are demanding that the coalition withdraw from Iraq, that is precisely what al Qaeda and the terrorists want us to do

Where Do They Get These Ideas?

This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right

Anna Nicole Smith Shock!

Prime Minister not one of Anna Nicole’s lovers shock

How We Fixed the Earth

at night, when everything would be at the outside, trees and buildings would be ripped from the ground and flung into outer space, and humans wouldn’t stand a chance

The Undertaker’s Tally

The Rumsfeld-Cheney recompense, at vast cost to the nation and world, would be their fierce seizure of power after September 11, 2001.

Hypocrite, Sociopath or Fool?

This could make him seem, well, almost human. Until you consider what he did then.

Didgeridoo, Your Mateship

Stephen Colbert takes on John Howard for his attack on Obama.

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