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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for January, 2007

Thomas Paine on David Hicks

the Nazgul is preparing an anonymous, unquestionable, unfavourable ASIO assessment of Thomas Paine

So Much to Destroy, So Little Time.

No court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or consider an application for a writ of habeas corpus

‘Apocalyptic Cult’

US soldiers in [tag]Iraq[/tag] kill 250 men from ‘[tag]apocalyptic cult[/tag]’ Churches all over US in mourning. Old mate Pastor [tag]Ted Haggard[/tag] flies in to console [tag]President[/tag] with [tag]Crystal Meth[/tag] and reacharound.

Interview With the Nazgûl

All sorts of things have disappeared in the exclusion zone. The Labor Party. Kim Beazley’s guts. Kim Beazley. Australia’s justice system.

TeleMarketing Counter-Script

get your own back, regain the upper hand and have some fun

Puppet Master From Hell

Is Dick Cheney the Devil Incarnate or just a clone of Saddam Hussein?


Maria, every male here and most of the females would like to have sex with you

By Jingo! It’s ‘Straya Day!

What we want is honest, law-abiding white people who understand the difference between white and wrong

War on Terror: US Surrenders

The President doesn’t believe the Constitution is binding

‘Private Dick’ Gets A Whole New Meaning

     A number of [tag]Sydney[/tag] councils have reportedly paid thousands of dollars to [tag]private investigators[/tag] to visit [tag]brothel[/tag]s to gather evidence. (abc news) Private Investigators throughout Sydney are rushing in their résumés to assist the investigation into what goes on in brothels.

We Don’t Talk to Evil

Administation Vows “We Don’t Talk to Evil” – Stops Talking to Itself

Hicks ‘Not Mentally Ill’ – Therefore Crazy

“This is a clear indication that the man is totally deranged”


Not only did it break a neck, it popped the head like a pea from a pod and even invoked the Fickle Finger of Fate.

By God, sir, you’re right!

“By God, sir, you’re right. I myself am still puzzled about everything!”

Would I Lie To You?

[tags]Bush, surge, lies [/tags]

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