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2007 – A Year In Review

In lieu of our own analysis of [tag]2007[/tag] here is an [tag]America[/tag]n one we wish we could have written:

[tag]Dave Barry[/tag]’s year in review

It was a year that strode boldly into the stall of human events and took a wide stance astride the porcelain bowl of [tag]history[/tag].

It was year in which roughly 17,000 leading [tag]presidential[/tag] contenders, plus of course Dennis [tag]Kucinich[/tag], held roughly 63,000 debates, during which they spewed out roughly 153 trillion words; and yet the only truly memorable phrase emitted in any political context was “Don’t tase me, bro!”

It was a year filled with [tag]bizarre[/tag], [tag]insane[/tag], destructive behavior, an alarming amount of which involved [tag]astronaut[/tag]s.

In short, 2007 was a year of deep gloom, pierced occasionally by rays of even deeper gloom. Oh, sure, there were a few bright spots:

• Several courageous members of the [tag]U.S. Congress[/tag] — it could be as many as a dozen — decided, incredibly, not to run for [tag]president[/tag].

• [tag]O.J. Simpson[/tag] discovered that, although you might be able to avoid [tag]jail[/tag] time for committing a double [tag]homicide[/tag], the justice system draws the line at attempted [tag]theft[/tag] of [tag]sport[/tag]s [tag]memorabilia[/tag].

• Toward the end of the year, entire days went by when it was possible to not think about [tag]Paris Hilton[/tag].


2007 was also the year in which the [tag]Australian government[/tag] changed but no-one could tell the difference – which was a [tag]triumph[/tag] of sorts, we suppose.

[tag]David Hicks[/tag] came home and was released to experience the core [tag]Australian value[/tag] of the “[tag]fair go[/tag]” which has been delivered to him in buckets by [tag]News Limited[/tag] (which did its best to make him responsible for [tag]9/11[/tag] and the [tag]Bali bombing[/tag]s), [tag]Brendan Nelson[/tag], the RSL, SA Premier [tag]Mike Rann[/tag], (who blamed him for the deaths of [tag]Australian soldiers[/tag] in [tag]Afghanistan[/tag] and with the [tag]assassination[/tag] of [tag]Benazir Bhutto[/tag] for good measure) and failed [tag]Labor[/tag] dill [tag]George Newhouse[/tag] (who managed a swing away from the Labor Party in a marginal seat and who erroneously claimed that [tag]Hicks[/tag] had said he wanted to kill and rob Australian [tag]jews[/tag]). But hey, if it’s good for your electoral appeal, or for your newspaper sales, or for your [tag]media[/tag] profile, a dickhead like Hicks is fair game.

And in 2007 the [tag]Department of Immigration and Citzenship[/tag] ([tag]immi[/tag]) was decapitated to have its head replaced with a pumpkin called Kevin Andrews and yet it continued to run around like a chook with its head cut off, bumping into things and doing terrible damage to individuals like Mohamed Haneef, and to Australia’s international reputation whilst pretending to be doing “important work” – like trying to get the Howard government re-elected.

And – to blow our own trumpet, if you will forgive us just this once – 2007 was the year in which [tag]Values Australia[/tag] was #1 for Australian Values on [tag]Google[/tag], #1 on [tag]Yahoo[/tag], #1 on [tag][/tag]/[tag]msn[/tag].com, #1 on [tag]dogpile[/tag].com and #1 on [tag][/tag] (usually). It was also #9 worldwide on Google (out of about 283,000,000 results) for the search term “[tag]values[/tag]“.
Was it worth it? It was worth trouncing as a preferred source of information about Australian values, at least, after what their Deputy-Joke, [tag]Bob Correll[/tag], tried on with us.

Happy New Year.



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