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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for December, 2006

How Bush Rates Himself Against Ford

…in a rare moment of actual thought… We have received a [tag]leaked document[/tag] from [tag]America[/tag] which is the text of the speech [tag]George W Bush[/tag] gave on the death of ex-[tag]President[/tag] [tag]Gerald Ford[/tag]. But what is remarkable about the document is the pencilled margin notes. [tag]President Bush[/tag] seems to have been rating himself against Gerald […]

Because George W Bush says so!

Exclusive – Daily Show’s Leaked Video For those who believe that what we did in [tag]Iraq[/tag] was the right thing (“A Beautiful Thing“, as Ken [tag]Adelman[/tag] has said) these are dark, hard and tough times. The country is aflame because the Iraqis simply fail to appreciate what we have done to them…I mean for them…and […]

Ordinary Australians to Lose Automatic Citizenship

Australian citizens may lose their citizenship if they fail to pass random citizenship tests.
Citizens born in Australia who fail the test could have their status reduced to Permanent Resident

Australia’s National Pome

“I, Lover “, by Dorothy R. McHeller

Stop Them Coming Here!

cheerleader training for girls in Australian primary schools

A monkey could do it!

You don’t realize it, but in the next few minutes you’re going to know exactly how to pass any citizenship test.

What To Do About John Howard?

what John Howard is doing to the country and what a lot of people would like to do to him

40 Authorised World’s Sexiest Bodies

…audible sighs and groans and panting as the veil was torn aside to reveal the next secret celeb in all her semi-naked glory…

The Daily “Show’s” Rumsfeld “Quotes”

Recently, Donald [tag]Rumsfeld[/tag] “resigned” as U.S. Secretary of “Defense”. Shortly before parting with the [tag]Pentagon[/tag] he styled a “memo” which laid out a range of options both “above the “line”” and “below the “line””. Now, we know that “the Donald’s” “[tag]intellect[/tag]” is, from time to time, beyond the understanding of “lesser” mortals so we are […]

Disembowel the Leader

Yes, girls and boys, the Labor Party is indulging itself in the annual orgy of self-immolation

Our Dear Leader Unloads

Our wonderful Prime Minister has appeared on Television explaining the government’s approach to traditional Aussie Values like a “fair go” and “union-bashing”. In his interview he repeats the promises he made in the past, like the GST and Telstra etc. Compulsive lying…er, viewing.     [tags]Politics, Howard, John Howard, John Clarke, Industrial Relations, GST, IR, […]

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