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Government finds innovative new way to terrify citizens

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Archive for October, 2006

Watch How George “Cut & Ran” on “Stay the Course”.

“We’ve never been “Stay the Course, George!” Spin that!

Osama strikes again! Dastardly Osama’s dastardly tactics!

[tag]Osama[/tag] [tag]bin Laden[/tag] has let the cat out of the bag and revealed his tactics of winning the [tag]propaganda[/tag] [tag]war[/tag]. Here is his latest spray:  [The USA] are trying to influence public opinion here…They have a sophisticated propaganda strategy. They know they cannot defeat us in the battle, so they conduct high-profile attacks, hoping that the images […]

Osama Speaks!

The enemy still plots and plans to attack us. They are nothing by cold-blooded killers. They’re not religious people. I don’t believe religious people kill innocent men, women, and children.

Australian DSS Makes Big Drug Bust in Cambodia

Tip-off from parents puts 16-year-old drug pawn in Cambodian hell-hole for 13 years. DSS proud of achievement. Commander Moe Vimes of the Defence Security Squadron [DSS] and Senator Kerry Eliarson today released details of another success in the government’s latest strategy in the drug war. A young Australian was sent to jail for 13 years […]

Sydney Cultural Promotion Takes Off With a Bang

16 October, 2006 – The Promotional Campaign for this year’s annual Cultural Respect Classes has taken off with a bang in Sydney, beginning at Manly and Maroubra beaches. 13 people were allegedly “attacked” by a group of 20 men at Maroubra last night as they were setting up for a barbie. Their car windows were […]

Minister von Rock Opens Australian Refujesus Exhibition

The Australian Minister for Pacific Island Guano Getaways and Internment (PIGGI), Mistress von Rock, has opened a very tasteful photographic exhibition of pathetically grateful boat people to mark the start of Refujesus Week. The exhibition includes many happy snaps of grateful refugees who have been the guests of Mistress von Rock’s department. Most of the […]

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