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                           Australian Viza Application


Values Test

To successfully apply for a Viza to enter Australia you must demonstrate that you respect and embrace fair dinkum Australian values.














Please answer the following Questions

Where you come from

1. Which non-muslim nation is your country of origin?

I am English
Other (specify your European country of origin)
No, I am a muslim refugee > Go to question 13

English Language

2. Do you know how to speak English?

No > Go to question 13


3. Will you seek work while in Australia?

Of course, I am English

4. Are you a hard worker?

I am English

5. Are you a skilled professional?

I am English

6. How quick can you pick fruit?

Real fast
Not real fast but I'll work 18 hours a day 7 days a week
I am English


7. How often do you shower?

Every day
I am English


8. Can you play Cricket?

I am English / Zimbabwean


9. What is mateship?

Mateship is being friends with someone who doesn’t want your job.


10. Australians treat their women with respect. What do we respect most about them?

Their tits
Their arses
Their legs
When they say yes
All of the above


11. What is the best car ever built?

The Ute

12. What is the best pome ever written?

Waltzing Matilda
I, Lover (Some Burn Curry)
The Imam from Snowy River
William Shakespeare
God Save the Queen (I mean it, man)

13. If you answered NO to questions 1 or 2, your application is rejected.

N.B. If you answered "I am English" to any of the above, proceed direct to Departure Gate 31.

Please read and indicate your acceptance of the following declaration

1.            I,   am not a terrorist, god willing.

2.           I love a sunburnt country.

3.          Australia is the best bloody country in the world.

4.           I reckon Aussie sheilas are gorgeous.

      4A.         But I promise not to touch your daughter.

      4B.         Or your little boy.

5.           I promise to be your best mate.

6.           I will sling you a slab if you let me in.

7.          I promise to be nice and not blow anything up.




 people where they belong

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